Billions of bars of hotel soap are thrown away every year by the hotel industry. At the same time, an estimated 300,000 children die of pneumonia and diarrhea diseases, which washing with soap would prevent.

The collection and repurposing of lightly used hotel amenities is a relatively new concept utilized by many humanitarian agencies around the world to provide populations in need with hygiene supplies.


The Association of Soap Recycling and Hygiene Solutions presents the idea that soap recycling diverts a life-saving resource out of landfills and puts it into the hands of families in need. They have collaborated on a “How To” document for interested non-profits teaching the fundamental processes of scraping, sanitizing, chopping, and reconstituting bar soap.


While soap processing requires some manual labor, it can be done with no mechanical or electrical tools and is proven to make a significant social and environmental impact.


Watch us recycle soap!

Green and Yellow

How Soap Recycling Prevents Disease and Provides Jobs:


Eco Soap Bank was founded in 2014, operates in 10 countries, and has sustainably supplied over 650,000 people with soap and hygiene education. Here is their founder Samir Lakhani giving a Ted Talk on the life-saving power of soap!